Digital marketing tomorrow is not what it was yesterday. We help you find the way to the desired results in the rapidly changing environment of the digital world.

UX/UI audit is the optimization of homepages and e-shops in order to make the customer's stay there as good as possible.

We use SEO to make your website more pleasant for Google, so that it ranks higher in the search engine, attracts more attention, and your business gets more customers.

We will prepare a modern website or e-shop for you - fast and user- and mobile-friendly. If necessary, we write the texts and take pictures of the content material.

Social media ads and content management

How many people do you know who don’t use social media at all? You might think of a few, but probably not all that many. For example, Facebook currently has over 700,000 users in Estonia. That’s almost twice the population of Tallinn. A colossal crowd in our context.

It always makes sense to advertise where the people are. And right now, people hang out on social media, meaning Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. They spend hours on end exploring the virtual world. And that’s why your ads should be there waiting for them. Our services include Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads as well as Twitter ads

Why opt for social media ads?

Social media ads deliver laser-sharp targeting. This means you can accurately target your ads at your specific target group. If you’re trying to reach 29-year-old lawyers who own a cat then social media is the perfect way to expose them to your ads.

Or perhaps you’d like to target women aged 45-54 who like crosswords and football? No problem, Facebook ads will take you right to them.

Different social media channels offer a total of more than 10,000 opportunities to reach your prospective customers. Social media ads make perfect sense because you won’t spend a single cent to reach people who wouldn’t be interested in your product anyway.

What do social media ads include?

  • We’ll build a bridge between social media and your company.
  • We’ll find your customers
  • We’ll create ads that resonate with your target group.
  • We’ll measure the results.
  • We’ll help you stand out in a world saturated with information noise.
  • We’ll boost your brand awareness.
  • We’ll reach more challenging customers through targeting.

Why you should have content management?

Social media is packed with content. If you want to stand out in this sea of posts, you could do with some content management.

Content management helps build brand awareness, a better connection with customers and also increase sales. All of this can be done with well planned posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why you should have content management on social media?

  • We’ll help map your current situation and identify growth opportunities.
  • We’ll set out a strategy for mapping the channels, activities and more needed to reach your targets.
  • We’ll come up with creative solutions, create content and post to your channels.
  • We’ll measure the results.
  • If you want, we’ll partner with influencers, produce photos and videos.
  • We can also boost the posts, i.e. add a bit of funds to the equation to help them reach a wider audience.
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