Digital marketing tomorrow is not what it was yesterday. We help you find the way to the desired results in the rapidly changing environment of the digital world.

UX/UI audit is the optimization of homepages and e-shops in order to make the customer's stay there as good as possible.

We use SEO to make your website more pleasant for Google, so that it ranks higher in the search engine, attracts more attention, and your business gets more customers.

We will prepare a modern website or e-shop for you - fast and user- and mobile-friendly. If necessary, we write the texts and take pictures of the content material.

Digital marketing training

If you want to get a better understanding of digital marketing, you’re in the right place. Our specialists are familiar with every conceivable facet of the digital world, and we are happy to share tips and tricks on how to master online marketing.

We teach digital marketing skills in three different ways: seminars and workshops, consultations and digital marketing training courses.

seminars and workshops

Designed for marketing teams in small and large companies alike. By the end of the seminar, you’ll be up to speed with best digital practices and ready to use them on a daily basis.

The programme will be tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your company. We can help you:

  • map the current situation of digital marketing
  • adopt new channels
  • develop digital communication
  • prepare a digital strategy
  • with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn or SEO

The seminar will equip you with practical skills, specific approaches and knowledge relevant to your objectives.


Designed for company executives and marketing directors who want help in bringing their business into the digital age or increasing their knowledge base.

Digitaalsed lahendused on muutnud ning muudavad edaspidigi, kuidas me elame ning maailma tajume. Iga juht vajab digioskusi, et meeskonda mõista ja toetada ning koostööd parandada.Digital solutions have changed and will continue to change how we live in and perceive the world. Every leader needs digital skills to understand and support their team and enhance co-operation.

The programme will be tailored to the specific needs and objectives of your company. We can help you:

  • develop digital skills
  • understand consumer habits
  • discover the potential of data
  • find your way around privacy matters

By the end of the consultation, you will have a better understanding of the challenges of digitalisation and how to address them.

Digital marketing training

Digital marketing training is intended for marketers who are interested in learning new things and want to upgrade their skills.

Our digital marketing training touches on all key aspects of the industry. We will teach you about strategic planning, using different channels, tool selection and analysis.

By the end of the training course you will:

  • have an overview of digital marketing channels and understand how they differ from traditional channels
  • know how to create a good digital marketing strategy
    understand and
  • analyse the journey of your webpage user
    analyse your website (with tools such as Google Analytics, Tag Manager and MouseFlow)
  • understand the basics of SEO and know how to produce SEO-friendly webpage content
  • be familiar with PPC and other social media campaign building tools
  • be able to create a digital campaign and monitor and optimise it

Educate yourself or your employees on the endless potential of the digital world. We can give you all the tools you need to boost your sales.

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