Digital marketing tomorrow is not what it was yesterday. We help you find the way to the desired results in the rapidly changing environment of the digital world.

UX/UI audit is the optimization of homepages and e-shops in order to make the customer's stay there as good as possible.

We use SEO to make your website more pleasant for Google, so that it ranks higher in the search engine, attracts more attention, and your business gets more customers.

We will prepare a modern website or e-shop for you - fast and user- and mobile-friendly. If necessary, we write the texts and take pictures of the content material.


What is SEO service? In complicated terms: SEO refers to the optimisation of websites for search engines. In layman’s terms: SEO is what makes your website appealing to Google. And if your website is on Google’s nice list, it will rank higher in search results and be more visible. That means more customers and more revenue for you!

You can further attract traffic by using paid ads to complement SEO. This way you’ll have more doors open.

The SEO service includes:

  • keyword analysis based on your company’s business industry
  • competitor analysis and monitoring.
  • technical and user-friendliness analysis of your website
  • elimination of technical errors and improvement of user experience
  • streamlining some of the basic SEO elements
  • content creation
  • geotargeting
  • website optimisation for mobile devices
  • building a growth strategy
  • supervision, results analysis and feedback

SEO audit

An SEO audit is a good place to start as it will provide you and us alike with an overview of what you’ve succeeded at on your website so far and what needs to be improved.

If you want to know where your website stands in terms of SEO, run a quick free audit that takes just 15 seconds.

ON-Site SEO service

This the SEO practice that people are most familiar with. It includes webpage content: texts containing keywords that are useful to customers; subheadings; image captions and meta descriptions.

Technical SEO

We use technical SEO to determine if your website meets Google’s technical requirements. Google is clever, it can tell if there are mistakes in your website’s code and will keep you from reaching as many people as you’d like.

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