digital marketing tomorrow is not what it was yesterday. We help you find the way to the desired results in the rapidly changing environment of the digital world.

UX/UI audit is the optimization of homepages and e-shops in order to make the customer's stay there as good as possible.

We use SEO to make your website more pleasant for Google, so that it ranks higher in the search engine, attracts more attention, and your business gets more customers.

We will prepare a modern website or e-shop for you - fast and user- and mobile-friendly. If necessary, we write the texts and take pictures of the content material.

Join the Nobel team!

Nobel’s mission is to help companies grow domestically and abroad. Nobel employees are valued and awarded. Always ready to invent new things and dig deep to come up with clever solutions. ​Come join our ranks!

You’ll be a great fit if you are keen and curious and have a special interest in digital marketing. Together, we’ll help grow Estonian companies, big and small. Your job at Nobel has a special mission.

Why work at Nobel?

You’ll learn from the best

Your colleagues at Nobel are the best digital marketing experts in Estonia. You’re sure to find something new to pick up. Regardless of whether you’re an established veteran or just starting out – we can help you move forward!

You’ll work alongside
a supportive team

Nobel will make sure you’re not on your own. You can expect a thorough onboarding process and support will be just a few words away even once you’re all settled in. A simple “Hey, could you help me out?” will do to get some assistance.

You’ll get
extra days off

You shouldn’t go crazy with work. We’ll help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. This includes, by the way, a generous helping of extra days off. You can read more about that in just a minute.

Extra days off

At Nobel, you can look forward to no less that three types of extra days off. Any day of your choosing during your birthday week; Fridays off if a national holiday falls on a weekend; Mondays or Fridays off if a national holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday respectively.


We’re confident in saying that our office has one of the best views in Tallinn. Nobel looks out to the sea in two directions and elsewhere you can feast your eyes on the distinctive architecture of the Noblessner port district. If you’re craving for a culture and culinary fix at the end of the day, just step out the office door and you’re right where you need to be. PS. If you’re more fond of the view from your home office then that’s OK too. We’re pretty flexible when it comes to where you work.

Team events

You prefer walking to driving? Then you’d be a dab hand (or foot, rather) at Nobel’s step-counting competition. You cook up the best breakfast in the world? Feel free to come cook for the lot a the office. We like to organise various athletic competitions, and you can prepare a delicious meal for others once a month if you wish. Not to mention all the other team events. There are so many.

Nobel values


Will means courage! The courage to try new things or take a different approach to old things. The courage to try. To not be afraid. To feel discomfort. To learn.


Wisdom means benevolence! The ability to manage your emotions so that others don’t suffer. The willingness and ability to accept other people, opinions and feelings next to you. Be humble, composed and good-hearted.


Joy means taking notice! An inner recognition of what pleases you so you could be happy.

job offers

Klienditoe spetsialist
Nobeli meeskonnast on puudu nutikas, entusiastlik ja vene keelt kõnelev Klienditoe spetsialist (lapsehoolduspuhkuse asendaja) Meie trumbiks on turundusplatvorm, mis võimaldab ettevõtetel hallata ja täiustada oma infot 20+ infokanalis. Sinu roll on olla platvormi kõige oskuslikum kasutaja. Igapäeva tegevustes tuleb tutvustada uutele klientidele...
Digiturunduse spetsialist
Nobel Digitalil on Sulle väljakutse! Tule näita enda oskusi, mis lükkavad meie klientide äridele hoogu juurde nii Eestis kui ka välismaal. Sobid meile kui Sa tunned end hästi Google ja Meta platvormide reklaamidega ja saad hästi hakkama mõõdikute seadistamisega – GA ja TAG Manager tekitavad Sinus elevust. Sul on võimekus töötada mitme asjaga paralleelselt,...