An SEO service that will boost your company’s visibility and the sales results of your website.

SEO audits, consultations, technical and on-site optimisation, growth strategies and more – whatever it is you want to achieve, we have the solution you need!

We offer our SEO service to companies in a variety of fields for the Estonian and international markets. Our team works as one to partner with you from year to year and to continually boost the visibility of your website as a marketing channel in search engines.



“We had Nobel Digital provide us with their SEO service. We started seeing the direct benefit of it about six months later – compared to before, when we hadn’t really considered our website much of as a sales channel, it started appearing on the first page in search results. We’re now seeing far more people visiting our website and far more enquiries being made from it. The SEO service has transformed our website into a substantial sales channel.”

August Käära, Eesti Inkasso OÜ


> Tele2 SEO campaign – 123% web traffic revenue growth from all search engines


What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and involves developing and adding to websites so that they reach as high a position as possible in the free search results of search engines when enquiries relevant to the objectives of the website are made. All of this is done in order to achieve as much visibility as possible among targeted users of search engines, to boost visitor numbers to the website and to achieve the aims of the company behind it (be they related to sales, enquiries or something else entirely).


Top three reasons to optimise your website for search engines

Optimisation will make your company more visible and foster growth in awareness of your brand.

Imagine a product that’s the best in the world in terms of what it’s like, what it does and how much it costs. It’s so good, in fact, that all of its competitors pale into insignificance. But its competitors nevertheless enjoy an advantage over this world-beating product, because they’re visible to their clients and it isn’t. This has a direct impact on sales figures and overall success. However great our product or service is, if nobody can find it, it makes no difference. We often see sites that are well-optimised and in better positions than those of older, stronger competitors – which shows just how important optimising your website for search engines can be. A website that meets all modern standards is the basis of everything.

Optimisation will make your company more visible and foster growth in awareness of your brand.

People often say, “Oh, but I’m top of the rankings with my company’s name”, and that’s great – but the number of people visiting a website bearing a company’s name is about direct traffic, and that requires brand awareness. What SEO does is focus on organic traffic, which is to say highlighting the keywords associated with whatever it is you do on the first page of Google search results. For example, say you run a small café across from Kadriorg Park. The first thing you want to show up in searches, obviously, is the café’s name. But since a lot of people won’t be familiar with the name, or even know the café exists, we have to flag it up using keywords like ‘café in Kadriorg’, ‘cafés in Kadriorg’ and ‘Kadriorg cafés’. The broader aim here should be to boost the number of targeted visits to your website by adding to this list of keywords so that it’s also able to be found in a Google search using keywords like ‘best cafés in Tallinn’ and ‘cosy cafés’. Put simply, if a website is well optimised, then whereas previously only its name would prompt any search results, the list of keywords that will produce matches is now much longer. That’s why optimisation for websites is so important: in this case, it will increase the number of people visiting first your website, and then the café itself.

Website optimisation helps boost sales (which require an effective website)

We left off above having arrived at the conclusion that a well-optimised website boosts sales. We can now go beyond that to areas where effective site optimisation is even more important. For instance, say you work in an electronics store and it has a workable website that’s smart device-friendly. That alone isn’t enough, because competition between stores in this market segment is fierce. People often already have a product in mind and they simply want to find out who else offers it and where they can get it for the lowest price. There are a few sizeable electronics stores in Estonia whose websites get direct traffic. But there are also plenty of far smaller outfits who might not be able to compete in terms of available stock but do offer better prices. How can they stand out and gain a competitive edge over their bigger rivals? The answer is by investing in an SEO service: this will make their website visible to those conducting a broader Google search, whether it be for TVs, iPhones, smartphones or something else.


What does our SEO service include?

SEO consultation

We can help you set realistic expectations for website optimisation and draw up a strategy if you have your company’s marketing and IT team at your disposal, or you can choose us as your all-in-one SEO partner. We can offer you advice on how to optimise your site yourself, or we can optimise it for you.

Keyword analysis based on the branch of the economy you operate in

As a result of this analysis, we determine the actual keywords people are using in search engines that create links between websites and the objectives of potential clients. For example, if a person wants to buy something, the words they use in their search reflect that, while if they’re only browsing, they use other words. We optimise your website to match these keywords, bearing in mind your company’s business objectives.

Analysis and monitoring of competitors

We look at what your competitors have done (and not done) to make it onto the first page of search results. This is an important step in determining your website optimisation strategy. We analyse your competitors in order to plan our SEO campaign so that, in time, your website catches up to – and even outstrips – your rivals.


Technical and user convenience audits of websites

The content of your website can be amazing, unique and way better than that of your competitors’ websites, but if your website is underperforming technically, search engines will avoid showing it among their top hits, since this could lead to bad user experiences for their users. The worst thing is that these sorts of issues are mostly invisible to the naked eye. We can pinpoint any shortcomings in your code or server set-up that will have a negative effect on the user experience on your website so that we can address them later on, where possible.


We iron out technical issues for a smooth user experience

Based on our analysis of the technical and user-experience side of things, we make any necessary changes to your website or can guide your IT team in doing so. This will improve the user experience on your site by boosting the loading speed. Search engines place a lot of value on websites that make themselves more user-friendly.


We streamline basic SEO elements that help search engines better understand your website

Over the years, people have come up with ways of making it possible for search engines to clarify from your website’s HTML code what content your website hosts. You’ve probably heard of meta elements, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, image ALT texts and the like. These are the first things that need to be sorted out, but more than 90% of the websites we’ve dealt with have been using them wrongly or haven’t been using them at all. We do everything we can to ensure that search engines will value your website more highly.


We create content for websites, because content is vital

One of the core objectives of any website is to pass on information. There are different ways you can do that these days, but text remains the most important source of information to search engines regarding the content of websites. Is it relevant to users’ intentions? Is there enough information about a product? An ordinary list of services isn’t normally enough any more to get yourself on the first page of search results. We create the content you need to ensure that your website and all of its key services are visible in search engines.


Localised SEO a.k.a. geographical targeting

If your company is local in nature, there’s no point competing against businesses operating in other regions. We bring to your website people living in the area your company operates in and those who are interested in the area – and if necessary, we broaden our scope.


Website optimisation for mobile devices

In Internet marketing today, ‘mobile first’ is as much of a stock response as ‘Amen’ is in church. Everything is influenced by consumer habits and the technology that shapes them. That’s why it’s first and foremost mobile phone users that modern websites have to take into account. We can set things up so as to improve the experience of any mobile users who end up on your site. If your layout doesn’t tick the mobile-friendly boxes, we can help make sure it does* (as a separate service).


Establishing a growth strategy

Since you’ll never catch your competitors napping, and search engine rules are changing all the time, it’s not enough to just get the basics right. Even if the results are promising at first, sooner or later you’ll discover that your rivals have edged (or even leapt) ahead of you. It makes sense to nip that possibility in the bud, since in some cases the impact that the SEO service has is only felt six months later. You may end up trailing behind your competitors for years because they’ve been investing in website optimisation since day one. Constantly creating content and growing link popularity are the only way of making it onto the first page of search results (and staying there) when faced with fierce competition, since the value of your website needs to grow over time. We can ensure consistent growth in the value of your site by creating new content for it.


Constant monitoring, analysis of results and brainstorming

In optimising a website, an enormous role is played by monitoring and analysing results and then brainstorming in order to produce even better results. This is time-consuming work, but the upshot is always improved fulfilment of your business objectives. Achieving results is great, but we never content ourselves with them – we constantly strive to improve them further.


Feedback on results and overview of work done.

seo raporti vaade -märksõnade positsioonide jälgimine

SEO report – monitoring the positions of keywords


We give you access to our SEO report, which gives you an overview of changes in the positions of important keywords and allows you to follow developments in organic traffic in search engines. The report also outlines all of the work we’ve done. That way you always know where we’re at in terms of our cooperation.



How quickly is it likely to have a result?

You start to see the positive impact of website optimisation once search engines pick up on the changes on your site. Luckily, that process can be sped up a bit, and the technical and content changes made to a website can start to have an impact in as little as a couple of weeks. That said, it usually takes a few months for any statistically significant improvement to make itself known. You need to factor this in and be patient. We monitor changes in search engine rules and the SEO work carried out on your competitors’ websites and, where needed, respond accordingly.


What are you aiming for? What do you want to have achieved 12 months down the line?

Before you choose a partner to work on optimising your website with, you need to set yourself realistic goals we can achieve together. For instance:

  • 30% growth in web traffic on the site coming from search engines
  • 25% growth in enquiries coming from search engines
  • 40% growth in sales among web traffic coming from search engines

There are other objectives you might set as well, but the first thing you need to do is pinpoint what the current situation is. Google Analytics is ideal for this. Kas sinu kodulehel on Google Analytics peal? Kas sa jälgid mis toimub Sinu ettevõtte kodulehel? Does Google Analytics operate on your website? Do you monitor what’s happening on your company’s website? If you want to find out more about it or need help setting Google Analytics up, get in touch with us.

Digital strategy and audit

Digital growth is based on a smartly built digital strategy and environment. A digital marketing audit maps potential bottlenecks and opportunities and provides a good basis for making informed decisions on the digital growth of your company.

Search engine advertising

90% of Internet users in Estonia make use of a search engine to obtain information, and 95% of them only view the results on the first two pages. Search engine advertising is a quick and efficient way of making yourself visible on the first page and highlighting the competitive advantages of your product or service. This can be achieved via click-based advertising in the Google, Yandex and Bing search engines.

Social media advertising and management

We’re all aware of the important role that social media plays in our daily lives. Just as the norms of social communication have changed in our private lives, they’re increasingly changing in the world of business, too. A personal approach is also becoming more important to clients.