Nowadays, the online presence of companies is taken for granted. And not only that: people expect a positive user experience. This has become what you might call a ‘hygiene factor’, which is to say something people only notice when it’s not there. Technology becoming part of our daily lives and the rise of digital platforms and data analysis allow us to understand clients

and offer them value throughout the purchase process. This is the key to your company’s growth. We can help you understand your clients’ behaviour. Once we’ve obtained this understanding, we offer an effective end-to-end solution for growth on both your home market and external markets.

Digital strategy and audit

Digital growth is based on a smartly built digital strategy and environment. A digital marketing audit maps potential bottlenecks and opportunities and provides a good basis for making informed decisions on the digital growth of your company.

Search engine advertising

90% of Internet users in Estonia make use of a search engine to obtain information, and 95% of them only view the results on the first two pages. Search engine advertising is a quick and efficient way of making yourself visible on the first page and highlighting the competitive advantages of your product or service. This can be achieved via click-based advertising in the Google, Yandex and Bing search engines.

Social media advertising and management

We’re all aware of the important role that social media plays in our daily lives. Just as the norms of social communication have changed in our private lives, they’re increasingly changing in the world of business, too. A personal approach is also becoming more important to clients.

Website development

We’ll design you a website on the basis of your needs and objectives.

The websites we develop are:
– Mobile-friendly
– Optimised for search engines
– Fast and user-friendly
– Reasonably priced

Establishing an online store

An online store represents a way of augmenting sales in your physical store or creating a business opportunity in its own right. Online environments needn’t restrict themselves to sales alone, either – service providers can also operate them, be it via a booking system for a beauty service or by providing online training. In an online store you’re not limited by time or place: it’s open to everyone, all the time.

Search engine optimization

We offer an SEO or search engine optimisation service to small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of fields for the Estonian and international markets. Our team works as one to partner with you from year to year and to continually boost the visibility of your website as a marketing channel in search engines.

Content marketing

The age of commercial texts, images and videos full of aggressive sales slogans that view reality through rose-tinted glasses is over, just as consumers following them with any interest is a thing of the past. Whether it’s text, images or videos you prefer, we’ll help you craft messages that you can use in all of your marketing channels.

Video advertising

Are you interested in maximising the reach and results of your campaigns and offering your clients valuable and engaging content in a channel where 80% of Estonian Internet users spend time on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re hoping to boost the effectiveness of a TV commercial because your target group no longer watches television? And how do you like the idea of showing your ads to users who are searching for similar products at this very moment?

Banner advertising

Advertising banners are an efficient way of raising brand awareness and remarketing, i.e. reminding visitors to your website of your company’s products or services. Raising brand awareness is one of the first steps you can take towards increasing your client base. If potential clients are unfamiliar with your products or services, how will they know who to turn to in order to solve their problems?