SEO campaign for Tele2

For Tele2 our main aim was to boost organic traffic from outside of the brand primarily to the service (plan) pages. The key focus was on corporate clients, followed by the online store. A further aim was to optimise the conversion rate, i.e. help to improve the user experience on the Tele2 website.

What did we do to achieve this?


  • Comprehensive keyword analysis for the service subpages
  • Meta element and content analysis
  • Corrections to meta elements and content based on the keyword analysis
  • Improving loading speed

There were lots of subpages – for this reason, only some of the results of our cooperation have been highlighted.

Objective 1:
Boost organic web traffic using keywords that fall outside of the brand.

To this end we conducted a thorough keyword analysis and made corrections to meta and content elements. The overall statistical change between June 2019 (before we got involved) and February 2020 was as follows:

  • Clicks in organic Google searches +43% (17,977 vs 25,680). Here, the website was a hit in 26,093 unique enquiries on in February 2020, compared to 29,127 in June 2019 – representing growth in web traffic quality.
  • During the same period, web traffic revenue from all search engines grew by 123%.

Objective 2: Optimisation of the content, message and loading speed of the ‘Business Engine’ service (client B2B).

The period for comparison is 30 days prior to us getting involved and 30 days afterwards.

  • Average session length grew by 87% (42 seconds vs 1 minute and 19 seconds).
  • Rise in the conversion rate (Goal B2B lead) of 404%
  • Rise in the number of conversions of 700% (4 vs 32)