Digital campaign for Wihuri lawn tractors

During the state of emergency we were in the right place with the right ideas at the right time, gaining Wihuri as a client. We’ve since worked with them in a number of areas – on Google, Facebook and SyncMe, plus setting up an online store.

They’re every inch the satisfied customer and have had nothing but praise for us: “We couldn’t be happier, because Ztrak sales really took off, and not just in our three showrooms, but in dealerships all over the country. We even had to order in extra from the warehouse for one model. Overall, our gardening season has been really successful, and summer’s not even over yet. Coronavirus definitely played a part, because people have been heading to the countryside sooner than they otherwise would.

They’ve been buying proper gardening and mowing equipment, and small tractor sales have been good, too. Actively targeting the social media campaigns and reminding the target group who we are and what we have to offer played a big role as well. On top of that, we’d negotiated good prices with the factories, and we went live with our spring campaign quite early on. All told, we’re more than satisfied with the Ztrak social media campaign.”

“The digital campaign was made up of the following three phases:

Phase 1 – Video views

Our focus in the video campaign was on getting as many views of the Ztrak lawn tractor video as we could. The aim was to generate as big an audience as possible to carry over into the next phase.”

The target group was people in Estonia interested in garden design, landscaping, growing plants, summer cottages and gardening in general, as well as company managers and owners of small businesses interested in demographic data. As a remarketing audience, we also reached out to visitors to the Wihuri Agri website and Facebook page, although we excluded those who had watched at least 75% of the Ztrak video so that people who had already shown significant interest wouldn’t see the ad too many times. As a third audience we also tested groups living within a 20 km radius of Tartu, Türi or Jüri and likely to show an interest in the John Deere brand.

Phase 2 –

Remarketing By using existing traffic we were able to set up the new campaign for remarketing, which is to say showing the ads to people who had watched at least 50% of the previous video but who hadn’t visited the lawn tractor product page on the website. We also put together a new lookalike audience from people who had watched at least 75% of the Ztrak video. A similar audience solution can be found on Facebook, where you can create a group of people whose interests and intentions are as similar as possible from an existing audience. However, this group hasn’t taken the action you want them to take, i.e. they represent an entirely new bunch of people.

Phase 3 –

Guiding people to make a purchase Next, we guided those who had shown an interest in the previous phases to their nearest showroom to take a look at the Ztrak lawn tractor for themselves. For this we used the Facebook Store Visits campaign objective and the Facebook page of the three Wihuri Agri showrooms to shows the ads within a 40 km radius of every showroom. This ensured that the right people saw the advertisement for the showroom closest to them. Targeting was along the same lines as in Phase 2, i.e. with both a similar audience (website visitors and video viewers) and a remarketing audience.