“We always prefer a challenge, and we root every job in analysis, strategy and creativity. We help our clients grow on their local market and internationally.

Below you’ll find some examples of how we’ve done just that.”

Kõik Social media

For Tele2 our main aim was to boost organic traffic from outside of the brand primarily to the service (plan) pages. The key focus was on corporate clients, followed by the online store. A further aim was to optimise the conversion rate, i.e. help to improve the user experience on the Tele2 website.

The main aim of the digital campaigns was to boost website traffic, store visits and offline product purchases. We used Facebook and Instagram video and collection advertisements, Google SMART and Display and the Waze map app. Compared to the same period the previous year, website traffic increased by 26%. Organic and direct traffic grew during the campaign period by 68% in total. The number of sessions that reached the website from social media grew by 198%.

New hotel launch campaign with introductory prices on room bookings. We adopted a two-stage strategy and focussed on the Russian, Finnish and Latvian markets, but the campaign also resulted in bookings from the United States.

During the state of emergency we were in the right place with the right ideas at the right time, gaining Wihuri as a client. We’ve since worked with them in a number of areas – on Google, Facebook and SyncMe, plus setting up an online store.

Each spring, at the start of the cycling season, Hawaii Express runs a large-scale branding campaign with the aim of reminding bike-lovers and cyclists that the company exists and promoting their range of bicycles. Whereas in previous years our branding campaigns were largely based on HTML5 banners, this year we took a different tack, trying out a dynamic remarketing banner solution that was slightly different in nature.