We’re dedicated to what we do. We don’t watch the clock, counting down the hours and minutes till we can drop everything and hurry home. We always go above and beyond, because we want to. We have the smarts to manage ourselves – we think independently, and never just move on robotically from one task to the next.

In our work we create the systems and processes needed to make a success of things, and we always keep one eye on the future. We value learning and never make the same mistake twice. Work’s something we enjoy – we take a positive approach to everything we do, and we’re our own company’s biggest fans.

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Gerli Mäitse

Digital Marketing Project Manager

I put my heart and soul into every project from start to finish!

Lisandra Täpsi

Project manager for digital marketing and social media.

Successful digital marketing campaign = (eye-catching creative solution + monitoring trends + strategic planning + measurement) x dedicated project manager.

Rando Reining

Client manager/partner.

Most things in the world can be viewed in different ways; it all depends on the angle and perspective. In order for dreams to be able to come true, you have to dare to dream in the first place. The same is true of objectives: you’ll never delight in the fact that you’ve met them if you don’t set any to begin with. I’m more than happy to get down to the grassroots level to work on something truly amazing with you – a great project that’s both interesting and successful.

Lauri Pärtel

Project manager for digital marketing.

Every chef knows a recipe or two, and every meal fills you up. That said, although recipes by the best chefs in the world still won’t be to everyone’s taste, they do achieve a level of quality that takes the results as close to the theoretical ideal as possible. Welcome to our digital restaurant!

Merle Linhein

Client manager.

With my clients, I look to the future. I champion innovation. I think positively, with a focus on solutions and implementing the knowledge I have at my disposal in my everyday work with customers.

Liidia Miks

Client manager

To me it’s important to clearly determine what a client needs and to provide them with a tailor-made solution. I want my clients to feel safe with me and to trust the solutions I offer them. More than anything else, I want to help your company achieve its goals, and I want you to realise how important you are to me.

Endel-Johannes Vosman

Client manager

We do things the Estonian way! That might sound like a political slogan, but it’s true of the way we approach our work. And it’s best to do it as a team – all for one and one for all. Unity is strength! Less talk, more action!

Anni Kitsing

Marketing manager/partner

The way I see it, anything that’s a perfect fit only serves to stifle growth. That’s why our team always chooses something bigger, something newer, something different!

Martin Paršin

Digital strategist/partner

Behind questions there are more questions. Let’s thrash them out. Directly, transparently, and with your key objectives in view at all times. Working together, patiently, and developing processes, communication and results.

Kristiina Tukk


Fishing’s a great pastime, particularly in early spring. My team gives you the rod, but you have to catch the fish yourself, whatever the season.