Additional Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Website Services

In force as of 1 July 2019


Dear xx,


We want to thank you for your interest in the services offered by Nobel Digital. If you accept this Price Offer and the special terms and conditions set out in the Price Offer, they become an integral part of the Framework Agreement you concluded with Nobel Digital. Matters not regulated in the Price Offer are governed by the Framework Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions of Nobel Digital.


At your request, we are offering you the following services and products of Nobel Digital:

1. List, time spent on and price of services/products

Product group Product name and additional information Value added tax (euros) Amount (euros)
Name Description XX.XX XX.XX
Value added tax:


2. Terms of payment
2.1. Payments are made in two instalments with a 50% advance payment, unless agreed otherwise.


3. Work process
3.1. Creating a website comprises three stages:
3.1.1. In the first stage, ideation is carried out, i.e. a prototype or design files are created, which depict the design and functionality of the website to be created and which form the basis for subsequent work. Based on the information obtained from the Customer in the course of the interview, the first iteration is created and presented to the Customer for review. If the Customer approves the first iteration, the website is ready for development. If the Customer wishes to make changes/improvements to the prototype or the design files after reviewing the iteration, this is agreed in writing or in a format reproducible in writing. If an outcome which satisfies the Customer is not achieved in two iterations, Nobel Digital has the right to charge an additional fee from the Customer starting from the third iteration, or to refuse to continue with the work and terminate the Agreement without returning the advance payment.
3.1.2. In the second stage, development is carried out, i.e. the final website is created based on the prototype and design files approved in the ideation stage. If additional works are ordered, the second stage is used for creating the website’s text content, preparing photographs and images etc. If the Customer wishes to make changes/improvements to the work in the second stage, and the Parties have not previously agreed on such changes/improvements, Nobel Digital has the right to charge an additional fee from the Customer, and if the Customer refuses to pay the additional fee, Nobel Digital may terminate the Agreement without returning the advance payment.
3.1.3. In the third stage, the functional and technical performance of the website is tested in popular web browsers and mobile devices, and the website is delivered to the Customer. Proofreading is carried out if any new content was created.
3.2. Where in the course of ongoing work, the Customer sees a need for additional works that had not been agreed on previously, but which Nobel Digital is prepared to perform, such additional works are paid for on the basis of an applicable hourly rate.


4. Delivery and acceptance
4.1. The work is delivered in the third stage of the work process. Nobel Digital delivers to the Customer a complete website, and any files and databases used in creating said website. Licenses for additional modules which Nobel Digital purchased for the Customer are also delivered with the website.
4.2. Starting from the moment the website is delivered, the Customer is responsible for using, maintaining, and updating the website, unless the Customer has ordered the performance of such additional works from Nobel Digital.


5. Warranty
5.1. The warranty for any works performed is valid for 30 (thirty) calendar days (hereinafter the Warranty Period).
5.2. During the Warranty Period, any discovered bugs are fixed by Nobel Digital.
5.3. The warranty does not apply to the following: plugin updates, alterations or other additions made to the website, or bugs caused by WordPress updating its own platform.
5.4. Nobel Digital is also not liable for forced automatic security updates by WordPress, automatic updates implemented by the server provider, or the correct functioning of plugins following the implementation of automatic updates by WordPress.
5.5. Any and all WordPress plugins are updated to their latest version prior to the moment of delivery. Subsequent maintenance is not the responsibility of Nobel Digital, unless the Parties have separately agreed thereon in writing.